Monday, August 21, 2006

Our Strained Psyche

President Bush says, "I can't tell you exactly when it's going to be done," he said, but "if we ever give up the desire to help people who live in freedom, we will have lost our soul as a nation, as far as I'm concerned."

Leaving Iraq now would be disastrous, he says. But that's just typical CYA. Entering Iraq was the real disastrous move, but that's old news. Good soldiers are obeying bad orders, and now we're asking them to continue obeying bad orders to save the President's face.

He still believes that our malaisse has something to do with being weak in the knees. If we have lost our soul as a nation, it is because we entrusted the wrong presdient to lead us, and he has led us astray. Bush broke Iraq, so he bought it, and it just so happens that we're responsible for two more years for what this renegade breaks.


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